Climate engineering

After a technical and thermal study of your premises, we offer the most suitable solution for your needs, combining efficiency and compliance with your budget, with a focus on a sustainable development approach. We can provide management and remote management systems for your building, in order to bring you maximum comfort, whilst respecting your operating cost requirements.

Pienergies’ expertise

In-house design office (scaling, implementation studies).
Experienced installers, specialised tooling.
A deep understanding of the energy business.

Heading – Ventilation – Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Beyond the ‘comfort’ aspect, the bottom-line purpose of an HVAC system is also to ensure optimal hygiene conditions and compliance with regulations. Different parameters need to be taken into account: control of CO2 levels, hygrometry, renewal of air in closed spaces, balancing of room temperature in winter and summer, etc. Technically, we take responsibility for installing your air treatment, CTA, single flow CMV, dual flow CMV systems.

We install and can provide maintenance for your systems of:
• Air conditioning (wall-mounted air conditioners, consoles, cassettes, centralised operation or not),
• Production and distribution of heat (wood, gas),
• Production and distribution of hot domestic water
by adapting them to the typology of premises and buildings.

As energy experts, we guide our customers in their choice of equipment and can provide complete installation of the chosen system.

Building Management System (BMS)

BMS is an efficient solution for optimising and controlling energy expenditure in your buildings, thereby reducing your company’s energy footprint.

BMS will control your electrical installations (lighting, blinds, etc.), ventilation, heating and air conditioning, as well as your safety systems. Maintenance operations are better anticipated, as are possible breakdowns.

For this, we analyse your company’s needs, install the equipment, the control cabinets and the remote piloting interfaces.

Pienergies is also

Energy production

Industrial PLCs

Electric mobility

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