Energy production

Pienergies advises you in the choice of solar and hydroelectric energy facility. No off-the-peg solutions: each project is unique and meets specific needs. We do hydroelectricity stations connected to the grid from the pre-project design phase right through to site maintenance.

Pienergies’ expertise

A specialist in renewable energy since 1999.
In-house design office. Turnkey projects.
Internal skillsets: installation, project management, facility maintenance.

Photovoltaic energy

We equip our customers with solar panels, ground units, sunshades and glazing. Photovoltaic equipment has come on in leaps and bounds over the past decade: improved material performance, perfect mastery of the technology and how it is installed guarantee customers’ return on investment.

Depending on your need:
• You’re becoming an energy producer to sell to the grid.
• You manage your energy by producing it, with the possibility of using it yourself, stocking and managing it, with or without selling off the surplus.
• You optimise your assets without constraint, with the installation of solar panels with zero investment. In this case, you simply rent out the roof space of your premises for solar panel installation. Pienergies remains the owner of the installation and is production. You then receive financial compensation proportional to the installed power.

Depending on the configuration of your property:
• Installation of roof panels.
• Construction of a photovoltaic hanger that we finance, but of which you remain owner. The electricity is generated for Pienergies.
• Installation of canopy structures able to power a fleet of electric vehicles.
• Installation of ground-level solar parks.

Hydraulic energy

Our vast experience in hydroelectricity power stations allows us to ensure optimal productivity of the structure whilst ensuring the very least possible environmental impact. From water inlet right through to the reconfiguration channels, we work hand in hand with specialised technical partners to deliver turnkey power station projects which are ready to use. Once the power station is operational, we can provide maintenance and repairs.
50 Pienergies hydroelectric power stations already exist in France with 10 others in progress.

Pienergies is also

Climate engineering

Industrial PLCs

Electric mobility

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